Belinda Jeffery

Terms and Conditions – Cooking Classes

Cancellation policy for cooking classes (cancellation by you)

The hands-on cooking classes are only for a small number of people and due to the intimate nature of these classes all cancellations are non-refundable.

If you are unable to attend the cooking class there are two options available to you.

  • You can nominate someone else to attend the class in your place…OR
  • You are welcome to attend another class date if one is available.

To assist us in being able to re-sell/fill the place(s), we ask that at least fourteen days (14) notice of cancellation is given prior to the confirmed class date.

If at least 14 days notice is not given then your booking will be deemed forfeit and no credit will be offered.


Cancellation policy (cancellation by us)

In the event that a cooking class which you have booked and paid for is cancelled by us then in that event you will be offered.

  • ***A full refund of the price paid for the class.
  • The alternative if a place is available, is for you to ask to be transferred to a different class on a different day; or to have a credit to be used within twelve (12) months of the date of cancellation.

*** If you have incurred other costs over and above the cost of the class itself e.g. travel or accommodation costs, we will not refund any such costs. It’s therefore recommended that you take out separate     insurance to cover potential for loss of any such costs.


Minimum class size

We reserve the right to cancel an advertised class if we do not get a minimum of five (5) participants to any of the hands-on classes .

Consumption of alcohol

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted before or during practical cooking classes for the safety of the individual and of others.

In our classes, there is a strict allowance of two glasses of wine or beer per participant included in your booking.

This alcohol is only to be consumed as part of the sit-down meal at the conclusion of cooking.