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4 january 2013

I’m afraid my update is a tad late this month, and I have to confess that I have no excuse for it being so other than my body clock definitely being on summer holiday time! I had every good intention to start the New Year being somewhat more organised than this, but there you go, it would seem I’ve already broken my first resolution!

I do hope that it’s been a safe and happy start to 2013 for you. It’s been a gentle beginning for us, with the family having left after a hectic but happy stay, and a spell of beautiful sunny weather meaning much of our time has been spent at the beach. I do so treasure these few weeks of summer holiday when life seems to become so simple, and the most important decisions of the day revolve around when we’re going to the beach, and what we’re going to eat for lunch and dinner! The days seem to flow into each other interspersed with swims, beach walks, fish and chips eaten on the riverbank, barbecues, cricket, fighting over who gets to do the holiday crosswords, and finally falling into bed full of sunshine and saltwater. It feels just like my childhood hols which seemed to stretch away for ever. Sadly, ours won’t, however we feel blessed to have such a gentle and relaxed start to the year.

Having said that, I haven’t completely taken my eye off the ball in the food department, and we’ve been eating rather well too (and ravenously, all that swimming builds up quite an appetite.) As it’s so hot salads have been at the top of the list, and with our local farmers market bursting at the seams with beautiful fresh produce, it’s been such fun making up dishes according to what we find. The favourites so far have been a lovely simple prosciutto, rocket, bocconcini and fresh peach salad; a chilli, pineapple and jicama one (do you know jicama? They look rather like beige spinning tops and are mildly sweet with the most wonderful crisp, crunchy flesh); a tangy Asian-style mango and cabbage salad dotted with chillies and served with barbecued fish which was a huge hit; and I think we’ve cornered the cucumber market as they’re so addictively sweet and crunchy at the moment we’re putting them in everything. I must admit that I have taken the odd note or two about what I’ve done, and hope to use the ideas in the new book I’m writing, but I’m sticking firm to my decision not to get lured back to it for a few more days yet.

Speaking of books, I’m really thrilled to bits with the wonderful reviews my new Desserts book has received. As some of you know, it’s only been out for a couple of months, but I don’t think I’ve ever had such a response to a book. Thank you to those of you who have written to me personally, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words. Hopefully I shall get some of the reviews up on this website in the next few months (another holiday resolution, and one I shall endeavour to keep!). And on that note, it’s time for me to stick to my last resolution…And that is to have at least three swims a day while we’re on holidays, so I’m off to put my cossie on! Happy New Year.

Warmest wishes,

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