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award-winning! Desserts (Lantern, 2012)

Desserts, puddings and cakes have always been my very favourite things to cook.

When we were kids, my mum nearly always made some sort of pudding for dessert; nothing fancy mind you, but scrumptious nonetheless. For us at the time it was just normal, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I realise now how lucky we were to grow-up with such treats. I always loved helping her cook, but even more so if she was baking or making something sweet (I have to admit that the opportunities this led to for licking a beater or scraping out every last skerrick of batter from a mixing bowl with my finger probably added to my enthusiasm!) It was certainly no surprise to me or anybody else when I started cooking in restaurants for a living, and with a particular focus on desserts, cakes and sweet things.

I don’t think there was ever a happier time in my career than when I worked in an exquisite patisserie in Sydney. My days were spent up to my elbows in melted chocolate, cake batter and all sorts of doughs as I baked cakes, biscuits and pastries to be sold in the shop which also doubled as a tiny café. So when my lovely publisher, Julie Gibbs, asked if I might be interested in writing a book on desserts, it felt as though all my Christmases had come at once! It’s been such a joy to work on this book and to bring together so many of the recipes and stories from different parts of my life. I only wish my mum were here to read it. I have no doubt that if she was, she would be tying on her apron, getting out her mixing bowls and whipping up one of the many desserts!

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ABC Brisbane - Radio interview with Mary-Lou Stephens about Desserts.


“This book was, for me, a surprise hit, but an absolute hit. Many of the desserts are refreshingly original, or at least far from run of the mill…To find recipes as enticing and interesting as these that, so far as we have experimented, are an inevitable success is a wonderful thing.”

Ten must-have food books of the year (2012), The Canberra Times, Kirsten Lawson, 6 December, 2012


“I'm the first to admit that I'm not great at making desserts, so when I flicked through Belinda Jeffery's latest cookbook, Desserts, I was a little worried my skills wouldn't cut it. I shouldn't have worried, though, because Belinda makes it easy for dessert rookies like me. The recipes come complete with reassuring and helpful notes yet there's plenty for experienced cooks to enjoy, too. I also love that the book is divided into different flavours. If you're a chocoholic, you'll find plenty in the Chocolate chapter or if you want something fruity, check out the Stone Fruit or Citrus chapters. Just let your tastebuds guide you!

This makes a great gift for those with a sweet tooth. There's plenty of variety, both in terms of flavours and the skill level required, and Belinda shares lovely little stories and notes about the recipes throughout the cookbook. It makes you feel like she's right there in the kitchen with you.” Jade Ng, deputy chief subeditor & online editor, December 2012


“Did you know it’s easier to get bowls free of sticky batter with cold rather than hot water? ...Or that a hair dryer is handy for creating shiny chocolate cake? Trivia compared to baking guru Belinda Jeffery’s recipes, but it’s the little details here that attest to years of acquired expertise – and help create more confident, proficient cooks.”

Top 10 cookbooks for under the Christmas tree, Herald Sun, Zoe Curtis, 22 December, 2012


“Most of my long time readers know I adore Belinda Jeffery's recipes, and I have posted a few of her recipes on my blog. I have gained a lot of baking knowledge from her award winning cookbook Mix & Bake. Her creations are brilliant and I can't wait to try out some of her recipes (already bookmarked quite a few of them) from her latest cookbook Desserts.” 24 October, 2012


“...The contrast is Belinda Jeffery’s Desserts produced with her usual down-home charm and simplicity. The recipes are clearly described and beautifully photographed with the prime component in bright focus against the soft-focused backdrop. There is an introduction with loads of essential information on creating sweets and an extended repertoire of lovely dishes that you’ll be able to cook at home without creating a science lab. This is an accessible book bursting with recipes easily achievable for most home cooks. Master two or three of these and your friends will think you’re a dessert guru.”

Eat & Drink, Christopher Hayes, October 2012


“Belinda Jeffery’s new cookbook, Desserts, shows you how to dress up cakes and transform them into fabulous desserts with minimum effort and an eye to the ingredients, textures and temperatures that harmonise with the Australian climate…Her style is warm and encouraging with lots of tips and anecdotes along the way.”

Good Living, The Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Sansom, 20 November, 2012


Desserts is the latest cook book from Belinda Jeffery and it is a feast for the senses. Visually gorgeous (thanks yet again to Rodney Weidland) and oh so enticing once you start smelling and tasting the absolutely luscious desserts she has gathered. Honestly, Belinda never disappoints!

...You may recall that I wrote about Belinda’s last cook book The Country Cookbook which I adored. Her recipes in this book are nestled amidst gorgeous descriptions and photographs of the seasons in Belinda’s part of the world, the North coast of NSW.

In fact I can look back over the years since Belinda’s first cook book 100 Favourite Recipes and know that I’ve cooked from every one of her books, and so often that they all have those lovely little splatters of melted butter or oil, light flour dustings and the like on many of the pages... I consider these to be traces of my cooking, adding patina to the pages... a testament to the fact that I love her recipes and cook them often.

I have no doubt that Desserts will be the same for me – as a matter of fact, I can see little tell-tale signs on quite a few pages already.”

On the Bookshelf,, 3 November 2012


“... And my favourite home style cake baker is without a doubt Belinda Jeffery. I've got three Belinda Jeffery books (I think I should go and buy the other ones now) and the recipes are all wonderful. My favourite book of hers is Mix & Bake, where I've made so many recipes from it without fail. Each cake is wonderful and I've yet to find one I don't love. They're all very easy and use ingredients that are easily found…Her latest book is called Desserts which already captured my attention. The recipes are less cake orientated and more about general desserts from around the world. The book is split into categories that centre around a key ingredient, such as berries, nuts, stone fruits, honey etc. I've browsed through it and already I'm excited to try so many recipes. Seriously, do yourself a favour and buy Belinda's books, starting with Mix & Bake. I can't recommend them highly enough.”

I Eat Therefore I Am blog spot, 16 January, 2013


“All her books are characterised by her warm tone, her patient explanations of procedures, her infinitely helpful tips and suggestions, and of course the sublime, almost edible photography of her great friend Rodney (Weidland).”

Sample magazine, Victoria Cosford, Summer 2012/13