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award-winning! The Country Cookbook: Seasonal Jottings and Recipes (Lantern, 2010)

The Country Cookbook holds a very special place in my heart. Not only is it jam-packed with seasonal recipes, but more especially it’s also woven through with the story of our move from the city to live in a small rural town in one of the most beautiful corners of Australia, the Far North Coast of NSW, the so-called Rainbow Region – one of the most 'alternative' areas in the country.

It is a celebration of the simple pleasures and the food that mean so much to me. It includes many of my most cherished recipes and also tales of the life we lead here. From stories of the people in it – the growers, locals, our wonderful film night and community dinners in the village hall; to the animals, the birds and the captivating dolphin family that surfs the break at Byron Bay; Gus, 'The Wonder Dog', who captured our hearts from the first day we arrived; the Jersey milkers up the road with their enormous kohl-rimmed eyes; and the plethora of tiny birds that have made our garden their home.

I don’t ‘do’ fancy food so the recipes themselves are simple, often rustic, and full of flavour, reflecting what’s in season. One of the things that is very important to me is to write as though I’m having a chat with you, the reader, so that you feel we are actually having a conversation. Consequently, I make copious notes on tips and incidental things I notice as I cook and then incorporate them into my recipes (which can be a little hard at times as I endeavour to decipher my scrawl!). I receive many letters from people who say they feel as though ”I’m in the kitchen cooking alongside them” – and nothing could gladden my heart more!

It took me and my dear friend, the award-winning photographer Rodney Weidland, many, many months to photograph this book to capture the seasonal produce and the beauty of the different times of year in ‘Rainbow Country’. The result is Rodney’s stunning photographs that accompany the recipes and the stories of our transition from city to country living.

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reviews and what people are saying about The Country Cookbook


"I picked this up when I was Down Under earlier in the year, and although it's not right to judge a book by its cover, I must confess it was the knitted-effect spine that made me first take it off the bookshelf. But I certainly like what's on the inside, too...”

Nigella Lawson, Cookbook Corner, 30 November, 2011


“A very personal cookbook from one of Australia’s finest and most down-to-earth cooks.”

The Australian Financial Review, Carli Ratcliff, 17 - 19 December, 2010


“This glorious cookbook is a ‘must have’ because well-known chef, author and former television presenter Belinda Jeffery is one of the most trusted, reliable and experienced cooks I know...In introductions to her recipes, Belinda has such a genuine warm, sincere and friendly way of talking with the readers as though she has known you for years. The Country Cookbook is a delightful read.”

Books for Foodies, News Weekly, Barbara Lowery, 26 November 2010


“Two things about this book really won me over. First and foremost, the care and attention Ms Jeffery has given to writing the instructions for each and every dish is outstanding, and is testimony I think to her experience as a teacher. Her hints and explanations take you through every step of the process, what to do and what not to do, what to watch out for and why. The result is the next best thing to having the author in the kitchen with you. Instructions like these should inspire confidence in even the most hesitant cook – even I can make pastry that works with Ms Jeffery to guide me.”

The Gastronomer’s Bookshelf, Alison Vincent, 24 October, 2010


“Just before Christmas I received a review copy of the stunningly photographed Country Cookbook. And it’s been on my cookbook-stand ever since. I’ve cooked and read. Have I read! I rarely do a cover-to-cover job on a cookbook, usually focusing just on recipes, but Belinda’s living a dream life. And I am so enjoying reading about her gorgeous Northern New South Wales garden, the birdlife, tree frogs and refreshing swims in the river. Best of all her food is fuss-free and heavily based on fresh produce... The Country Cookbook is set to be a classic you’ll never stop using to plan menus for any occasion from Easter feasts, midweek meals and Sunday lunches.”

Book Blurb, Samantha Wight, 10 February 2011


“Jeffery’s style is so convivial, her descriptions of the country so joyous and her recipes in this beautifully-presented hardback so tempting that it’s difficult to find fault with the book.”

Weekly Times Now Sarah Hudson, 2 February, 2011


The Country Cookbook is bursting with food you will want to eat and photography you will want to eat, all packed into a hefty, heavy, hearty, hard-covered tome itself a pleasure to simply hold.”

The Byron Shire Echo, Victoria Cosford, December 2010