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I love food, I love cooking and I love eating. And that really sums up what my website is all about…. to be able to pass on some of that love and knowledge.

From when I was a little girl I always knew that cooking was what I wanted to do. Or as I used to tell my mum, "When I grow up I'm going to be a ‘cooka’ in the kitchen." Little did I realise just how true those words would prove to be! It's now many years ago but I still have such clear memories of those special times with my mum. As she cooked I would drag a little chair in beside her, stand on it and insist on having my own bowl and spoon and then making my very own version of whatever she was cooking. She must have had infinite patience to cope with me constantly underfoot! But she was a wonderful mum and I loved pottering about with her.

As time went by I just kept on cooking. When I was ten she bought Margaret Fulton's first big cookbook and that was a real turning point for me. I would immerse myself in it during the week and on the week-ends practice what I'd read. Frying eggs, cooking bacon, learning how to roast and most importantly for a little girl with a very sweet tooth (I'm told I could sniff out chocolate at 40 paces!), baking cakes and puddings.

All through my teens I continued to cook. I cooked when I was happy, I cooked when I was sad, I cooked when I was in love, (and cooked even more when I was out of love!) I cooked to avoid studying and so it went on. Until finally the great day came when I actually started to do it for a living. First in restaurants, then writing for magazines, then onto teaching, television, radio and finally, and to me most importantly, writing cookbooks.

I'd love to think that you use this site and my books a bit like the way I cooked with my mum. To feel that I'm there beside you in the kitchen and that we are both sharing the special joy that comes from cooking together.

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